Diamond Gang Saw Segment

  • Brand: Guangjing
  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
  • Material: diamond
  • Application: for group-cutting marbles, artificial stones, engineering stones and sandstones
Product Details

“Guangjing” brand diamond gang saw is perfect for multi-cutting marbles, artificial stones, engineering stones and sandstones.

Diamond gang saw is one of the most commonly used and most advanced tools for cutting rough stone blocks. Its features are as follows:

  1. It can cut large quarry stones and process big planks.
  2. Usually every gang saw is combined with 80 – 170 saw blank. Effeicency is high and output is large.
  3. Small width of sawing gap, high outturn rate;

With thirty years’ experience on diamond tools, Guangzhou Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. developed diamond gang saw segments on its own. The diamond gang saw segments are produced with the best quality of raw material, the most sophisticated of processing equipment, mature and stable production technology. The steel blank of gang saw is made of the best quality of high strength alloy steel belt, which is good toughness, high strength, long lifespan and anti-corrosion. “Guangjing” brand diamond gang saw is perfect for cutting marbles, artificial stones, engineering stones and sandstones. The features are as follows:

  1. Good sharpness, fast cutting speed.
  2. Long cutting life, low cost.
  3. High precision of cutting, smooth cutting surface of plates, equal thickness. And it can reduce the cost of polishing.
  4. High efficiency of production, high outturn rate.
  5. Low noise. It saves water and electricity, and meets national standard of environmental protection.

We have full set of proprietary intellectual property rights on manufacturing technology, installation technology and debugging technology of diamond gang saw, including segment manufacturing, segment welding, base leveling, group saws installation, testing and adjusting, services before and after the sale. According to processing objects, our diamond gang saws can be divided into the followings types:

  1. Soft marble gang saw (beige series, white series)
  2. Medium hard marble gang saw (India green, dark green, wood grain, portopo, mperador ligh)
  3. Artificial stone gang saw (normal artificial stones, artificial harden stones)
  4. Engineering stone gang saw (engineering stones)
  5. Sandstone gang saw (Australian sandstones, Yunnan sandstones)
Specification of “Guangjing” Brand Diamond Gang Saw
Length (mm)Thickness (mm)Height (mm)Segment Length (mm)Segment Width (mm)Segment Height (mm)

Please let us know the following specifications when you order diamond gang saw:

  1. What kind of stone to cut
  2. Feeding speed
  3. Expected lifespan of segment
  4. The quantity of segments or blades
  5. Machine power
  6. RPM