Guangzhou Crystal Technology Attended the 23rd China Xiamen International Stone Fair

The 23th China Xiamen International Stone Fair was held in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, China from June 5 to June 8. More than 1,300 professional stone merchants from 40 countries and regions attended the exhibition. It had an area of about 170,000㎡ with 22 halls in 8 exhibition areas, which gathering global new and mainstream products.

In this exhibition, we showed up with several special diamond tools series, including dekton, microcrystalline stone, ceramic, stone, glass and so on. And our three popular products including CNC grinding head series, dekton saw blade series and nanocrystalline stone series which attracted many customers.

Guangjing Brand sintered CNC grinding heads: There are four series, including single sided arc, single 45 ° chamfer, double sided arc and double 45 ° chamfer; two diameter sizes: Φ29/19mm and Φ26/16mm; nine grain sizes: 50/80/100/120/180/300/320/500/800#. Guangjing Brand CNC grinding heads are highly recognized by customers in the quartz stone tabletop processing industry with its excellent performance such as sharpness, efficiency, precision, and wear resistance.

Guangjing Brand dekton saw blades series is the earliest saw blades professional for dekton which developed and launched into the market. Classified by cutting purposes, there are direct cutting and 45 ° oblique cutting. Classified by steel blanks, there are flat steel blanks and step steel blanks. Classified by diameters, there are 190/210/260/300/350/400mm. Guangjing Brand dekton saw blades are suitable for various models of machines and they can meet the processing requirements of different customers.

Guangjing Brand nanocrystalline stone saw blades: there are microcrystalline stone fast cutting saw blade and nanocrystalline stone fine cutting saw blade. Microcrystalline stone fast cutting saw blade is used for cutting and edge cutting of rough slabs on the production line of nanocrystalline. Nanocrystalline stone fine cutting saw blade is used for precision cutting and processing in microcrystalline stone processing factories. It is sharp and efficient with no chipping, and it can easily cut nanocrystalline stones with a hardness level of 7 or above. The diameters of nanocrystalline stone fine cutting saw blade are 100/130/260/300/350/400mm, which can meet the processing requirements of different machines.

This exhibition is also a grand gathering and exchange event for the industry, welcoming long-awaited domestic and foreign exhibitors.

In the exhibition hall, people can be seen chatting enthusiastically everywhere, and new and old customers freely talk about the industry status, technology upgrades, sharing their experience in using new products, and putting forward higher requirements for product updates. It seems like an old friend who has not been seen for a long time, with endless topics to talk about.

The four day exhibition time is short but unforgettable. Guangjing is looking forward to meet friends again at the exhibition next year. And we will continue to bring higher quality products to new and old customers with a professional and dedicated spirit.

Guangjing quality originates from 40 years of technical accumulation and concentration.