Guangzhou Crystal Technology Attended 2023 UNICERAMICS EXPO

2023 UNICERAMICS EXPO was held in GICEC from May 30 to June 2. In this exhibition, we showed up with several popular diamond blades series.

  1. 350mmx208# and 350mmx308# Guangjing Brand dekton saw blades: These two kinds of blades are our most popular blades, which are made of high-quality materials, with high cutting efficiency, less prone to wear and deformation, and keep sharp for long cutting.
  2. Dekton silent saw blades: They can effectively reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment to the minimum and protect workers’ hearing. At the exhibition, some customers asked for some to test, and the response were good.
  3. Green dekton saw blades: there are two kinds, 200mm continuous rim blade and 300 welded blade. According to customers’good feedbacks, they will be new popular products.
  4. Other accessory products, such as dekton drill bits, quartz drill bits, arc grinding heads and some heterotypic tools, which can meet different needs of customers, and also customize according to customer requirements.

At the exhibition, we met and communicated with many new and old customers, which lays the foundation for future cooperation. We believe that Guangjing’s diamond tools will definitely bring better effects and value to customers.