Diamond Chain Saw Machine

  • Brand: Guangjing
  • Model: GJ-1000
  • Net Weight: 14.5KG
  • Dimension of Chain Sawing: 960X310X330mm
  • Engine: single cylinder, two-stroke, air cooling
  • Bore X Stroke: 58X40mm
  • Power Fuel: petrol
  • Displacement: 105.7ml
  • Maximum Power/Revolving Speed: 4.8KW/8000r/min
  • Drive Mode: automatic clutch direct driving, separation speed<2800r/min
  • Length of Guide Plate: 700mm/600mm/470mm
Categories: Diamond Chain Saws
Product Details

Diamond Chain Sawing is one of the necessary tools for rescue and relief work.

  1. Easy to use: light weight and portable to use by a single operator.
  2. Wide range of use: it can cut concretes, reinforced cement structures, pipelines, bricks, walls, coal seam, rocks, ices. Its long and narrow cutting arm can deep reach 500mm, and finish cutting blind holes and drilling holes by one time. The minimum cutting square hole is length x width = 120×120mm, and there is no maximum cutting hole.
  3. Environmental protection: wet cutting, water comes in high speed from sawing plates and ends at saw-chains and cutting objects. There is no dust and cutting noise is lower than 50DB.
  4. Secured safety: There are many protective devices in the main engine; any problem with the machine will cause no hurt to operators. When the pressure of cooling water is lower than 0.2MPa, the chain saw will stop working automatically, to prevent high temperature and spark.
  5. High technology: primary drive element is made of the best high-speed motor all over the world, which is high efficiency and steady working. Diamond segments are adopted powder metallurgy sintering technology, and bases are adopted laser welding technology, which makes diamond chain saw good sharpness, long cutting life, high quality, reasonable price and high value.
  6. The operation of main engine conforms to ergonomics: there is an ingenious assistant frame in the main engine, which helps to turn the forward thrust from the operator into downward cutting force from the chain saw, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.