An Outreach Activity in 2013

In order to improve spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and enhance collective cohesion, all staff went bicycling in green way of Jiaomen River and outreach activity in Yongle Farm for one-day on April 20.

At 9:40 in the morning, we arrived at green way of Jiaomen River for bicycling. The bicycle lane is 8 kilometers long and 3 meters wide. It connects Taiji Square, Hydrophilic Promenade, Couple Road, Diaoyutai, Sparse Forest and other scenic spots. Then we came to Yongle Farm Expansion Base. We made team building and team presentation, thereby preparing for the following activities. We built teams, chose team leaders, team names, team songs, and slogans.  Under the instructor’s demonstration and guidance, we took part in Trolleybus, Invigorating and other activities.

This outreach activity helps all staff to further clarify and recognize organizational goals, enhance cohesiveness, establish a team spirit and overall awareness of mutual support and mutual support to improve interpersonal relationships, hone the will to overcome difficulties and make Guangjing people have a strong sense of belonging.