An Outreach Activity in 2014

All of our staff went to Four Seasons Farm in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, to participate in an outreach activity for one day on Friday, October 10.

At 9:30am, we (total 79 people) arrived at the outdoor base and changed our clothes to camouflage clothing. We made team building and team presentation, thereby preparing for the following activities. We built teams, chose team leaders, team names, team songs, and slogans.  Under the instructor’s demonstration and guidance, we took part in ice-breaking training, invincible hot wheels, challenge 360, passionate beats and other activities.

After the outreach activity, we overcame the psychological barriers and truly realized the goal of knowing ourselves, challenging ourselves and surpassing ourselves, which smelting a strong and united team.

The activity is over, but the theme of “Work hard and create the future together” is far from over, because we will face our partners and colleagues in our daily work, and we need to constantly improve our capabilities and expand. The spirit is applied to the work, and the revelation gained is applied to life and work.