Guangzhou Crystal Technology Attended 25th China International Hardware Fair

Through this exhibition platform, Guangzhou Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. launched the 2014 latest products to customers. Sintering blades includes: 105mm dry and wet cutting blades; 110mm dry and wet cutting blades; 114mm dry and wet cutting blades; 110mm turbo blades; 115mm turbo blades. The welding blade include: 350mm and 400mm marble blades; 350mm and 400mm granite blades and other new products. Especially 110mm gray turbo blade and 106mm yellow ceramic turbo blade with high cost-effectiveness attract a lot of new customers.

During the exhibition, regional distributors and dealers visited the booth and shared a lot of market information and user feedbacks with each other. Here, we want to express our heartfelt thanks.

Through this exhibition, Guangzhou Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. fully showed visitors high quality products and the enterprise strength. Our company achieved the aims of making more friends, showing the enterprise strength, and embracing exhibitors’ business opportunities.